LD & CP Record Quick Tips

A lack of proper leak detection documentation is one of the most common regulatory deficiencies nationwide. Missing leak detection records or cathodic protection re-certification deadlines add to your expenses and may result in receiving a notice of violation from your regulator. PMMIC has put together this list of recommended practices that are easy to implement and will improve your operations.

Leak Detection (LD)

  • Test your tanks when they are full or after receiving a load of product
  • Save your monthly tests in a binder or folder and store it in a safe place.
  • Retain the highest volume passing test each month
  • Retain the most recent 12 months passing tank tests (at certified level)
  • Legible tests are required. If you notice your ATG is not printing clearly, contact a licensed service provider.

Cathodic Protection (CP)

  • A qualified cathodic protection tester must periodically test your system to ensure it is working properly. Most regulators require the system be tested every three years from installation.
  • An impressed current system must be inspected at least once every 60 days. Some states require that a log be kept recording the information from the rectifier.

Thinking about upgrading your site? Contact your state regulator for the current regulations and requirements. Your state may even have a program designed specifically to help UST owners with making upgrades or replacing old equipment.

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