3 Quick Steps for UST Releases

Underground storage tank (UST) owners and operators should always be ready to respond to a release. Product releases are an unfortunate and costly occurrence for many in the petroleum marketing industry. If you suspect a release has occurred, you must be prepared to take immediate action. Follow the steps below to address the concerns as fast as possible.

1. Check Inventory & Leak Detection Records

Determine if you have any unexplained changes in inventory or leak test failures. Do not ignore failures or alarms! Contact a petroleum equipment company to immediately investigate any irregular records. Be sure to also pay attention to the water levels in the tank, as a tank taking on water can also be indication of a release.

2. Shut It Down

If you suspect that a particular tank system is losing product, immediately shut down the system and bag the dispensers. Contact a petroleum equipment company to determine if the system has been compromised.

3. Call Regulator & PMMIC

If you believe a release has occurred at your site, you should immediately contact the state regulating authority. Once you’ve submitted a report to the regulator, give the PMMIC claims department a call! You’ll also need to submit a claims form, but verbally confirming the report to PMMIC will get the process going and our claims experts can advise you on next steps.

Once a release has been confirmed, PMMIC claims specialists will guide you through the rest of the process. Following the simple steps above can make a big difference in the severity and costs associated with any release.

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