If you own sites in Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, or Wisconsin, we can write your coverage. 

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PMMIC specializes in undergound and aboveground storage tank pollution liability coverage, often referred to as “storage tank insurance.” We provide financial responsibility coverage that satisfies state and federal requirements. We offer cleanup and third-party liability.

PMMIC has the most comprehensive coverage in the petroleum marketing industry. Your premium is tailored to fit your facility and we work with you to ensure that your site is in compliance with state and federal technical requirements. Our unique loss control program prevents releases to the environment.

As a pollution liability carrier started by UST owners, for UST owners, PMMIC understands the multitude of challenges that petroleum marketers face today. Many pollution liability carriers are canceling or non-renewing policies when the tanks reach a certain age.  

PMMIC does not non-renew or cancel coverage due to tank age.

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