AZ Retroactive Coverage Offer - Act Now!

Arizona owners and operators are required to provide proof of financial responsibility (FR) to the ADEQ as part of federal and state regulations. In addition, if their FR is handled by an insurance policy, it must meet the new ADEQ retroactive (retro) coverage requirement. This requirement can be met by having coverage that extends to one of three options below:

  1. Date of the most recent baseline assessment (a.k.a. site assessment), pursuant to section 49-1052
  2. Date of the underground storage tank (UST) system installation
  3. Earliest retroactive coverage date of the previous insurance policy or alternative FR mechanism

Some insurance carriers offer retroactive coverage, but not all. If the carrier does offer retro coverage, it’s often for an additional fee.

For the remainder of 2019, PMMIC is waiving our fee for retro coverage for AZ pollution liability policies. We will meet the ADEQ requirement to issue retro coverage dates on current and previous coverage for no additional cost! Offer is only valid with the purchase of a full-term policy.

Arizona marketers and agents interested in learning more may contact our office or request a quote.

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