Emergency Response Procedures

You’d hate to leave your team unprepared or without the appropriate information handy in the event of an emergency. Every petroleum dispensing facility is required to have emergency response procedures posted in a clearly visible location, often at the dispenser or near the counter. Below is a checklist of what information those procedures should include:

  • Phone numbers to reach fire and police departments
  • Names/phone numbers of company personnel (Class A/B) who should be notified in emergency situations
  • Phone number of state regulator
  • Site specific information (location of first aid kit, fire extinguishers, emergency stop button, etc.)
  • Instructions on how to respond to a small spill
  • Procedures for overfill/spill prevention during delivery, including type of overfill equipment, how to respond to an overfill, and responsibilities for before, during, and after a delivery
  • Explanation of ATG alarms and procedures for responding

In addition to having the procedures posted, you should go over the information with your staff at frequent intervals. Knowing how to properly respond to an emergency can save time, money, and lives.

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