Fuel Delivery Checklist

This list includes items the owner or operator should run through before, during, and after an underground storage tank (UST) receives fuel.

Before Fuel Delivery

  1. Verify fuel was ordered properly
  2. Clean spill containment and verify overfill prevention is present and appears functional
  3. Secure the unloading area and eliminate any ignition sources
  4. Verify fuel is going to intended tank, speak with driver
  5. Verify that all tank-top caps and connections are adequately sealed
  6. Verify that driver has connected stage 1 vapor recovery equipment if it is required
  7. Verify that there is adequate room in the tank for the amount ordered
  8. Verify that spill kit and emergency instructions are accessible in the event of a spill or overfill

During Fuel Delivery

  1. Keep delivery area secured
  2. Make sure driver is overseeing the delivery
  3. Be watchful for any overfill prevention devices indicating tank is full

After Fuel Delivery

  1. Verify fuel was delivered properly
  2. Check for liquid/debris in spill containment (clean out if present)
  3. Verify all caps are returned to adaptors (with gasket in place) and other tank-top connections are sealed
  4. Verify that fuel was delivered to the correct tank and the correct amount was received
  5. Report any damage or problems with the delivery to the fuel delivery company immediately
  6. Report spill or release to the state regulator immediately

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the owner/operator to ensure that spills and overfilling do not occur during a fuel delivery at the facility. In the event of a spill or overfill, the trained UST operator is expected to respond immediately. A spill kit should be readily available.

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