Quick Tips for UST Maintenance

At PMMIC, we believe that preventative maintenance is key to the longevity and success of running an underground storage tank. Owners and operators that take a hands-on approach to the integrity of their tank system are less likely to have a release.

But what does a “hands-on approach” mean?  We’re not encouraging owners and operators to perform tasks outside of their skillset, like equipment repairs or installations. We are encouraging owners and operators to develop and implement a program that fits their schedule and their facility. Preventative maintenance is far simpler and easier to introduce than some would think. Check out the list below for quick and easy ideas on how to improve your operations:

  • Know how to and train employees on appropriate alarm response
  • Review emergency response procedures with employees at least twice annually
  • Routinely check spill basins and sumps for liquid, then remove immediately
  • Monitor all fuel delivers from start to finish
  • Maintain appropriate leak detection and corrosion protection records, as required
  • Implement walkthrough inspection procedures, as required by the new 2015 EPA UST Regulations

Preventative maintenance is only successful when a schedule is set, and follow-up happens in a timely manner. Remember, maintenance is something you do, not something you did.

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