UST Functional Areas

Every underground storage tank system consists of various pieces of equipment that exist within three functional areas. Operators should be aware of these areas and know how to secure them if necessary.

In-Store Equipment

The in-store equipment generally consists of components for monitoring or controlling the UST system. Tank monitors, cathodic rectifiers, and POS equipment are the most common examples and are typically secured so as to be safe from tampering by the general public.

In-Tank/Tank Top Equipment

These components will be found in the drive of the dispensing facility. Examples include spill and overfill equipment and sumps with access to interstitial sensors, vapor recovery adaptors, ATG probes, submersible turbine pumps, or a fuel supply line. All lids and covers should be properly secured to ensure protections from liquid, debris, and vehicle traffic.

Dispensing Equipment

Dispensing units consist of both external and internal components that are integral to safe product delivery. Hoses, swivels, nozzles, flex connectors, shear/crash valves, solenoids, check valves, meters, and dispensers all exist either within or on the dispenser. The dispenser is the only access point customers have to your UST system and should be checked regularly to confirm all components are installed correctly and operating as intended.

Check out the EPA’s Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tanks guidebook for additional information on keeping UST functional areas and equipment properly maintained.

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