Written by: Brian Pottebaum, Director of Training Services

Almost no one wants to think about it, but winter weather is right around the corner...some parts of the United States have already seen snow!

Harsh winds and freezing temperatures create additional maintenance and safety concerns for all petroleum storage tank operators. It is better to prepare now, ahead of the wintry mix, than it is to wait and scramble as temps drop and snowflakes fall.

Failing to prepare for the change in weather can result in costly damages that will lessen the integrity of your UST system. Follow these preventative maintenance tips to keep operations running smoothly through the winter and ensure you have a joyful spring.

  1. Change fuel filters
  2. Remove water from spill basins and sumps immediately
  3. Check gutters and downspouts to make sure that water will not flow into walkways or in drives
  4. Color code fill port manways and make sure they’re protected from snowplows
  5. Make sure vent lines are marked and protected
  6. Always wear high-visibility safety clothing when working around the fueling islands or the drive
  7. Keep brooms, shovels, and steady supply of snowmelt on hand to quickly remove snow or ice buildup
  8. Place wet floor signs near customer entryways
  9. Keep all emergency contact information and instructions up to date and available for employees

Be safe this snowy season!

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